At the transition from planned to market economy, TBD Anduud was one of the first companies to set a new retail standard.
Originally introducing a Western European style self-service department store, we also introduced exhibitions and food tastings.
Our company has always been at the forefront of the industry.
Since the 90s, German quality products have become well-known in Mongolia due to our company.
Nowadays the department store traditions have been upheld by the new store "Life Style Anduud Concept Store", which was founded in 2010.
Our company bases our selection of apparel, footwear and accessories on seasonal fashion trends.
Importing and trading are based on innovative approaches such as our concept store to the satisfaction of our customers.
Every year Life Style Anduud participates in annual European exhibitions and fashion shows.
Products from that season’s fashion and trends are procured directly from the producers, imported and all stages of sales are controlled by the company.
We are the official partners of over 80 worldwide well-known brands, bringing international standards to Mongolians and continuing the traditions of TBD Anduud.

We are cooperating with:

  • 1993 Goldpoint
  • 1996 Marco Tozzi, Tamaris, Fun&Co, Tuzzi, Ricardo Cartilone
  • 1998 Lloyd, Lord, Frank Eden, Herlitz, Mario Barutti, Master Hand, Hucke
  • 1999 Steilmann, Masterhand, Hoegl, Peter Kaiser, Mario Bruni, Calce, Goldix, Bush
  • 2002 Pierre Cardin, Caprice, Amadeus, Schneider, Pioneer
  • 2005 Picard, Jupiter Jeans
  • 2004 Wega, Rosner, Eugen Klein
  • 2005 Hugo Boss
  • 2006 Jupiter shirt, Lepepe, Marc Aurel, A Zone, Redmond, Crenova
  • 2007 Menbur, Ben Green, Giordano, Bogner, Eterna
  • 2008 Feraud, Blacky dress, Jean Paul, UNQ, Apanage, Profoumo
  • 2009 Red Point, Kapalua
  • 2010 Kleemeier, Redmond, Jette, Gustav
  • 2011 Strellson, Basler, Bugatti shoes, Shoes Unlimited
  • 2012 John Brommel’s, Peruzzi
  • 2013 Sebata Shoes, Bianca

In recent years, European countries have embraced the perfect retail experience of the concept store, as the atmosphere and environment is engaging, and present our customers a unique approach to retail.
To ensure this, not only apparel is sold, but books, magazines and various exhibits are also offered in this pleasant environment.
Life style Anduud shopping center is a modern concept store with five diversified sections and a specialized sales team.


To value the customers wishes, we supply international standard products and services to the Mongolian market and further strengthen its leading position in the industry and be a substantial contributor in the development of the country.

Our motto

Be More. Expect more.

The customer is king.

Our values

  • Customer’s trust and faith
  • Reliable Partnership
  • Competent staff
  • The ability to achieve target
  • The quality products with international standards
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Comfortable shopping environment