TBD Anduud Group

TBD Anduud LLC was founded during the transitional period from planned to market economy and has been a leader in their industry for the past 25 years.
We opened our own department store in 1996, offering high-quality German goods.
In 2000, our operations expanded with the formation of TBD Anduud Group with several subsidaries.
Our company was awarded over the years as one of the Top Companies in Mongolia, the district’s best business and the best taxpayer which has added to our reputation at home and abroad.
We have several subsidiaries such as Life Style Anduud in retail, Kayser Fleischerei LLC and Emeelt Progress LLC in the agricultural sector and Arboretum LLC in the ecologicial conservation and reclamation field.

President’s Greetings

Thank you for visiting our website, and a warm welcome from our team here at TBD Anduud!
Starting out in the retail and service industry 23 years ago, we have expanded our interests to manufacturing and agricultural products with several subsidiaries with domestic and overseas brand-recoginition, which paved our way to become one of the top groups in Mongolia.
Our company strives to contribute to the national development of Mongolia, expand our businessess in a stable way and be socially-conscious.
Our team aims to introduce world standards, the latest technology and products to Mongolia as well as help bring development to the countryside by creating jobs.
I wish you all the best!

TBD Anduud Group President


The high-regard in which German products and goods are held is one of the most important factors to introduce them to Mongolia.
- Gerhard Thiedemann, German Ambassador
I was very moved after hearing that Kayser Fleischerei was named in honor of me, and I’m very proud of what the products that you produce. I take pride in mentioning it to my German colleagues.
- Siegfried Kayser
Anduud has become its own brand a long time ago. The history of TBD Anduud is the history of its people. History won’t be written down everyday but it is what remains with us.
- Boroldoi Studio
They were the first to introduce our brands to Mongolia and we are proud and thankful to be working with such a successful and experienced partner.
- Steilmann Group
We are happy to see the company’s development and growth over the years and to know that we had a small share in that.
- Wortmann-Tamaris
Our products can be purchased so far from our home thanks to your commitment.
- Jupiter
Life Style Anduud was and will be one our most important partners in Mongolia for our brands Barutti and Masterhand.
- Barutti
TBD Anduud with its over 20 years history has contributed to Mongolia’s development and its citizens and has through its many subsidiaries attained many achievments over the years.
As one of the first private companies, and growing year by year, TBD Anduud Group has become one of the principals in their industry.
- Chamber of Commerce


History of TBD Anduud LLC

1992 Founding of TBD Anduud Ltd.

1993 March The starting period of our company; Russian and German Military clothes and shoes were imported to Mongolia and Opening of the Berlin branch.

1994 February Started to imports shoes from Goldpoint company from Germany and clothes from wholesale retailer Nora La Mode.

1994 March The first exhibition sale of German products was established in the building of former Mongolian Youth organisation.

1994-1996 Prepared for the meat company 15000 husbandry of cattle in Khovd, Gobi-Altai, Bayankhongor and Zavkhan provinces to supply for city population.

1995-1998 After establishing our cooperation with German retailer EDEKA, we imported their food and household products , sold them wholesale and established our wholesale center.

1997 Started to participate in CPD/GDS, the international fashion exhibition where we established direct contact to companies such as Hucke, Steilmann, Wortmann, Wendel, Lloyd, Hoegl, Bush and etcto import their products to Mongolia.

1997-1999 Processed in other meat company about 30 thousand heads of cattle for export from Arkhangai, Zavkhan and Khuvsgul provinces.

1998.07.09 Finished the construction of our 2-floor shopping center. The Prime Minister at the time, Mr. M. Enkhsaikhan, opened it with these words: "Ulaanbaatar's first Western style and quality, self-service shopping center is hereby opened".

1998-2002 The world famous brand Hugo Boss is first brought to the Mongolian market by us.

1999 INDRA, the beauty product line from Berlin Cosmetics that we introduced, has become one of the favorites of ladies in Mongolia.

1999-2000 Evening wear by Masterhand was first introduced in Mongolia and our cooperation with Peine Group expands.

2001 Together with Monkhangai Group imported vegetable oil from the Netherlands and established the brand-name "Bumbuulei"

2001 Started to cooperate with SPAR NORD, importing various German food and household products.

2002 Expanding our retail activities with our partners include HELIA, METRO, RAU and EDEKA.

2002 Realized succelsfully"Central Region Wholesale project

2002 September Using our own funds, we brought in new technologies to establish Erdenet Progress Ltd. in Orkhon province, a meat processing plant with the first "A" certification and realized TAM project of EU process for meat production.

2003 Expanded our shopping center to bring total retail space to 4000 sqm; Wortmann brands such as Tamaris, Wendel and Marco Tozzi were getting more popular by the day. A new shopping experience for customers with a supermarket, a coffee shop, a kids playground and our own sausage and meat production retailer is offered. Expansion of our offices.

2008 Celebrated the 15th year of our company TBD Anduud Ltd. together with our overseas and domestic partners and our staff.

2011 Together with our Chinese partner, we established Emeelt Progress Ltd. to create an international standard certified wholesale meat sales and processing center.

2011 September Started Life Style Anduud Ltd., bringing in the Concept Store idea to Mongolia

2011 KayserFleischerei Ltd. is established, to produce and sell sausage and meat products with German technology on the basis of former small factory

2011 Expanding of our supermarket retail space.

2011 November Celebrated the 90th anniversary of the establishing of trade sector in Mongolia.

2012 Establishment of Arboretum Ltd., to provide forest rehabilitation and reforestation of arid land, mining reclamation and urban horticulture.

2012-2013 Renovations and technological updates in our shopping and office center are completed.

2013 September-December 100-day campaign "Productive Anduud" is successfully organized and since then has become a tradition.

2013 December “TBD Anduud - 20” 20th Anniversary of our company.

2014-2015 Kayser Fleischerei Ltd. opened a subsidiary. In September 2014 Baylag Project started in Bulgan, Arkhangai and Khentii provinces for sheep and cattle farms. Baylag Project aims to develop and expand the meat industry by introducing new technologies for domestic as well as export purposes. Many jobs are created in the countryside following the introduction of this project.

Words by: SGZ Do.Tsendjav
Melody by: UGZ D.Battumur
Sung by: B.Javhlantugs

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