In the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the city mayor’s office have decreed to supply the citizens with meat and meat products that are produced in accordance with the highest international standards. As a result, a PPP with Emeelt Progress LLC was established to achieve this goal.
Our company will build the "Advanced Technology Food Production, Storage and Sales Center" in Emeelt in the Songinokhairhan district.

The center will:

  • Aim to provide and prepare meat from the Western provinces of Mongolia with the highest level of hygiene, storage, trade, transportation and in addition provide information resources and facilitating access to service for the population of Ulaanbaatar.
  • During the summer, open and unorganized sales take place, hence additional services will be organized with the Livestock Trade Center with veterinary inspection and analysis.
  • Facilities equipped for elite livestock breed exhibitions and auctions.
  • Certified laboratory
  • A combined Agriculture Commodity Exchange with accredited factories, warehouses, laboratories, carriers and livestock shelters, which will represent the first of its kind, is socioeconomically very important.