Arboretum LLC was founded in 2012. The word arboretum means a collection of trees or tree nursery. Since its founding, 15 hectares of soil was prepared in Tuv Province for a dam construction site and the company started the planting of elm, yellow acacia, almonds, maple tree seeds. Our company will be the first in the field of specialized nurseries according to governmental environmental rehabilitation policy with lectures and training to enhance awareness of ecological improvement. Participating in efforts to green up the capital city Ulaanbaatar, on May 10, 2013 we cooperated with Ulaanbaatar Negtgel TUUG to supply our first products of 10,000 elm trees and planted them in Songinokhairkhan District.

Objectives of the company

Arboretum conducts research on Mongolian native trees, e.g. how Mongolian trees survive extreme continental climate and how they play a key role to keep a balanced water and soil ecosystem and to increase citizen awareness of the importance of this sector. Our priority task is building the Mongolian National Tree Nursery. The Mongolian plants park will display a selection of around 190 types of woody plants, a photo exhibition, animal and plant diversity and seed fund. Additionally to the training and research center it will be a tourist attraction.

The company's main products, services

  • Environmental rehabilitation projects for mining companies
  • Horticulture, forestry, seabuckthorn plantation
  • Park and green architecture design/planning
  • Ecological education
  • Eco-tourism

Proposed research and studies

  • Breeding drought and dry climate resistant trees
  • New high-tech research
  • New technologies of soil development